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Italker srl was born in Bassano del Grappa in 2004 as a manufacturer of industrial technical ceramics and special refractories, as a natural extension of an artisan history started in 1977.


Over the years two other companies have been incorporated: a historical manufacturer of ceramic tableware dating back to 1938 and another historical manufacturer of ceramic bodies dating back to 1984.


Over time the customers’ requests have been increasing constantly, thanks to the participation in international fairs, so that in 2018 ITALKER SRL moved to Nove, Vicenza, in a 5.000 sqm building.


The following year the first CNC machine was acquired, which has allowed us to give new and further response to the precision and the flexibility requested by our customers.


Thanks to important investments in research, innovation and technology, always respecting the environment, ITALKER SRL completely controls the production cycle: control of raw materials, own formulation of different mixtures, design and construction of the mold, production and sintering processes, CNC machining, quality control of the final product, packaging suitable for worldwide shipping.
For over half a century of experience and innovation, ITALKER SRL has been manufacturing preshaped Technical Ceramics and Special Refractories for various markets and industries. The main materials that ITALKER SRL uses for its manufactured goods are:
  • 99.8% Amorphous Fused Silica Ceramics (SiO2)
  • Silicon Carbide Ceramics (SiC)
  • Silico-Aluminous Ceramics